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Heavy Duty Thick Pet Grooming Wipes - (70ct.) Pack of 3

New Heavy Duty Thick Pet Grooming Wipes - (70ct.) Pack of 3


Have you ever been in a situation where your pet smells a little funky but you are too busy or cannot give him/her a quick bath?

Does your pet ever come in the house with muddy and messy paws, leaving tracks around the house after a long day of play outside?

Have you ever been in a situation where your pet just came back from a vet visit and they are unable to take a traditional bath?

Do you have young puppies that need a quick clean up but arent old enough to take a bath yet?

IF SO, Alpha Dog Series Doggy CLEAN UP Pet Wipes are for you! Moist, Thick, Heavy Duty, Durable Large Wipes Diamond Embossing Design to increase flexibility, durability, softness, absorption, and reduce tearing.

Made with Safe Ingredients Added Chamomile Extract to help neutralize germs and bacteria as well as moisturize pets' skin and keeps their coats shiny. Free of Alcohol & Chemicals Does not contain any Alcohol or harmful chemicals.

Wide Application Wipe away dirt and gunk from face, eyes, ears, mouth, paws, bottoms, and coats! Messes and Odors are Easily Removed. With quality ingredients and extra cleansers, our pet wipes work well to remove dirt and any unwanted odor. Excellent Choice for Daily Cleanups. Remove stains from your dogs' paws, eyes, ears, mouth, butt and coat. Handy Package Keep a supply near the door or keep one in the car to wipe your dogs down after any outdoor activity.

Using Alpha Dog Series Pet Grooming CLEAN UP Wipes are the best option to give your pets a quick and effective clean up when traditional bath times are not available. Easy to use and convenient on the GO, take Alpha Dog Series Pet CLEAN UP Wipes everywhere you go for a quick and easy clean up!


✓ LARGE AND HEAVY DUTY PET WIPES - Looking for premium Pet Wipes? You're in the right place. Our Wipes are extra-large 7 x 7 inches so you can clean more than ever before, with just 1 grooming wipe. It efficiently works on any size pets. Made with high quality durable material and premium embossing design to increase flexibility, durability, softness, absorption and reduce tearing. (Includes 70 wipes per pack).

✓ DURABLE AND SOFT - Thick and large makes them easy to use and extra durable while wiping. The tissue is gentle and soft and your pet will never get annoyed by it, instead, they might see it as a gentle massage and want it again and again.

✓ GENTLE FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND – These refreshing dog wipes are gentle enough to use every day around your pet's eyes, ears, mouth, face and body and won't ever dry out your pets skin and coat. Does not contain any alcohol or harmful chemicals and is safe to use on young pets.

✓ SUPER CONVENIENT, GOODBYE SHAMPOO – Perfect to use at home or on the go! Use as a quick touch up, as dog paw wipes after a muddy walk, or when it's too cold for a bath outside. Ideal for young pets that are not old enough for traditional baths. Great for older pets that have difficulties with traditional bath times. Great for reducing dander that can cause allergies as well for keeping your pet's coat soft, clean, and shiny.

✓ PORTABLE, EASY TO USE & GREAT GIFT OPTION - These Wipes are super easy to bring with you in your purse or bag for travel, beach trip, camping and much more. Open the lid and remove seal. Pull a wipe out. Close lid tightly. Gently wipe entire pet until clean. No water or rinsing is required. These deodorizing dog wipes are safe for daily use. They also make a great gift for anyone you might know that owns a dog, cat, or small pets.

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