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Healthy Dental Care Vitamin Treats Chews for Dogs (10 Pieces)

SOLD OUT Healthy Dental Care Vitamin Treats Chews for Dogs (10 Pieces)


An all Natural Daily Dental Treat Alpha Dog Series Dental Care Treats + Vitamins are all natural and healthy daily dental treats designed to freshen breath, clean teeth, and help remove plaque and tartar. Our chews are soft and pliable and are strategically designed with grooves to get into the nooks and crannies of your pets teeth to provide and exceptional deep clean and to increase optimal blood flow within the gums and teeth to minimize bad breath and gum disease.

Providing daily dental care does more than help bad breath; it helps support a healthy life for your dog. Made with only Natural Ingredients Unlike other dental treats, our soft and chewy dental treats are made of only all natural ingredients with the addition of different vitamins in each of the 4 recipes, each with its own unique nutritional benefit. 4 Different Unique Recipes each with its own unique nutritional vitamins: 1) Dental Care + Joint Care 2) Dental Care + Eye Care 3) Dental Care + Skin & Coat Care 4) Dental Care + Multivitamin

***Count: 10 Pieces***


Dental Treats: Helps To Prevent Bad Breath And The Build Up Of Plaque And Tartar

Delicious and Healthy: Made with only high quality natural ingredients with the addition of unique vitamins with its own nutritional benefit for each recipe.

Unique Design: These bite-sized treats are strategically designed with grooves, knobs, and hollow spaces to promote chewing action and help to clean hard to reach spots as the dog chews. Great for dogs of all ages, size, and breeds.

Soft and Pliable: All of our dental treats are chewy, but still soft and pliable enough for a hearty chew and to get into those stubborn nooks and crannies for a deep clean.

10 Individually packaged treats to maintain optimal freshness and for convenient carry and transport.

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