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"Nose-Work" Interactive Foraging Mat Toys

"Nose-Work" Interactive Foraging Mat Toys


Alpha Dog Series - "Nose-Work" Interactive Plush Toys are designed to stimulate your pets both mentally and physically, while searching for their favorite treats! Very easy to use, just simply insert your pet's favorite treats into the hidden slots and let the foraging begin! Your pets will go crazy looking for their favorite treats hidden inside all the crevices.
Our Interactive "Nose-Work" Plush Toys are great for encouraging your pets to use their natural foraging and scent tracking instincts to locate their treats, while increasing their IQ simultaneously. Our toys are also great for keeping your pets busy and entertained when they are home alone.
Our toys are ideal for owners that have a busy social life or work schedule and don't always have time to attend to their pets. Our toys are also great for dogs that have separation anxiety, are finicky eaters, or have low appetite. Our plush toys can also reduce stress, anxiety, and insecurities while encouraging good traits such as confidence, social skills, appetite drive, and mental and physical health.
For an easy clean up: Simply place the mat into the wash.(Hand Wash Recommended) To Dry: Either dry outside in direct sunlight, or do a light tumble dry.


  • Increases Your Pet's IQ and Stimulates Them Both Mentally and Physically
  • Relieves Stress, Separation Anxiety, and Boredom When At Home Alone
  • Promotes Healthy and Active Eating Habits; Great For Finicky Eaters and/or Dogs With Low Appetite
  • Increases Confidence and Reduces Insecurities
  • Great For Training Pets and For Breaking Bad Habits Around The House
  • DIMENSIONS: "Nose-Work" Mat (Medium): 18.5in x 36.6in "Nose-Work" Mat (Large): 37.4in x 37.4in

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