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All Natural Delicious, Tender, and Healthy Soft Beef Jerky Sticks for Dogs

All Natural Delicious, Tender, and Healthy Soft Beef Jerky Sticks for Dogs

Dogs’ sense of smell is legendary! But even we humans, with our seriously limited noses, can smell that these Jerky Sticks are the REAL THING from the moment the bag is opened. The deep, rich, beefy smell is the first clue: this is real high quality beef and ingredients. Reach in for a stick and tear off a piece. See how pliant and soft it is? That’s the chewy, meaty texture dogs love— These treats are DOG APPROVED and we’ve been told time and again that dogs go crazy for these Jerky Sticks. But we never take our success for granted!! Give our treats a try and see for yourself if your dog is not wriggling, licking his chops and willing to do backflips for just…one…more!


HEALTHY & NATURAL - You want only the best for your best friend. So the premium treats we make at Any Pet International are never enhanced with artificial flavoring, colorings, or fillers. They are naturally irresistible. Like dogs.

WHAT'S THE SECRET TO THESE DELICIOUS TREATS? - First we start with high quality ingredients. The second ingredient is time and careful research. Our pet loving team puts countless hours of research to ensure only the best goes into the treats. They add vitamins, minerals, and high quality beef to make up a wholesome, well-balanced, treats that are not only delicious but also promote good health.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED & DOG APPROVED! - We have been told that even the most finicky dogs love our Jerky Sticks. But don’t take our word for it. Break off a piece, see if that tail wags. Tails are such a give-away.

PERFECT TRAINING TREAT - Your dog accomplishes a task; he gets a treat. He gets a treat he really really loves and that makes him want to learn more. Our treats are super motivating!

NO-STINK HANDS - Unlike artificially enhanced dog treats that leave a greasy, smelly residue on your hands, these feel and smell just like a delicious piece of beef jerky.

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