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Alpha Dog Series Pet Sling Bag

Alpha Dog Series Pet Sling Bag

Product Description:

Alpha Dog Series "DODO" Pet Sling is perfect for the times you want to bring your snuggly friend along. 

Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Our pet sling offers both strength and comfort for pet lovers on the move. 

Your pet will love curling up in the soft cotton material and will remain safe and secured. 

No matter where you need to go, always bring your special friend along in comfort and style.

It meets airline spec for a pet carrier. It works with all small pets! 



  • CONVENIENT: Easily tote your pets around town or during traveling with little effort. Thanks to the hands-free design!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Make your pet sling bag look and feel like new with a simple cold wash in your washing machine.
  • COMFORTABLE: Thanks to the soft cotton cloth material, this sling style bag will keep you and your pet relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.
  • REVERSIBLE: With a reversible design, this pet sling bag is not only convenient but looks great inside and out.
  • SAFE: This pet carrier bag holds your pet easily and it features a safety collar hook to ensure your pet is safe and secure.

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