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BUBBLE DIA - Shampoo & Conditioner

BUBBLE DIA - Shampoo & Conditioner


    Alpha Dog Series "BUBBLE DIA SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER" thoroughly cleans away dirt and leaves a long-lasting fresh, floral scented fragrance that adheres to the coat for up to two weeks. 

         The Aloe Vera additive, and natural fruit and vegetable extracts, soothes the skin and administers extra conditioning to make the coat radiantly shiny, remarkably manageable, and free of matting and tangles. 

The pH balance of our product is completely compatible with the natural pH balance of your pet's skin and coat so it will never dry out or irritate your pets skin. 

Great for dogs that have sensitive skin, rashes, dry skin, dandruff or skin allergies.

-All Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

-pH balanced; Aloe Vera Additive

-Long Lasting Fragrance; Fortified with Natural Fruit & Vegetable Extracts

 -Moisturizing and Soothing Effect; Will never dry or irritate the Skin and Coat

-Deep Cleansing; Tearless Shampoo





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