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Alpha Dog Series - Puppy Training Pads (100 Pack)

Alpha Dog Series - Puppy Training Pads (100 Pack)


QTY: 1 box of Puppy Training Pads (100 pcs / 2 inner bags of 50pcs)

"Alpha Dog Series Maximum Training Pads"

Directions for Proper Use:
When behavioral training your puppy or dog, best results will occur when using the DOGGY Pad for a while under direct supervision & guidance until your puppy becomes accustomed to using the pad.

The scientifically tested pad infused scent attractant will encourage your puppy to "GO" directly on the pad, but your guidance and patience will be helpful and may be necessary during the training period.

Please place a fresh "ALPHA DOG SERIES DOGGY PAD" on the floor a safe & sanitary distance away from your pet's food & water bowl and bedding area.

Please place your pet on the pad several times a day in order for your pet to be familiar & accustomed with the attractant scent of the pad.

When your pet "GOES" on the pad in your presence, Please condition your pet by offering praise or a treat.

Please properly dispose of the soiled pad and replase with a fresh one.
If your pet is still having an accident somewhere else other than the pad, then please place your pet immediately on the pad for proper training & conditioning.

Once your pet is properly trained to use the pad without accidents, then you may gradually move the pad to another location where it may be more convenient for your pet to "GO".

"ALPHA DOG SERIES DOGGY PADS" are also ideal for traveling with your pets, older pets & incontinent pets.

**SIZE : 24" X 24" Inches**



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