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Alpha Dog Series Chrome Exercise Pen

Alpha Dog Series Chrome Exercise Pen
Introducing Any Pet International's new Chrome Dog Exercise Pen! Our chrome dog pen is great for indoor and outdoor use. It is collapsible and lightweight for easy portability and travel for any situations. Whether you have puppies, small or medium sized dogs, our chrome pen is great for them to have a secure private space to themselves. If you don't trust your puppy to be independent yet, no problem! Our chrome pen is spacious enough for you to decorate a fun, comfortable and secure area for your buddies to play and relax! Our Chrome Pen also includes an accessible waste tray bottom clearance grid for any spill or accidents your buddies might have while you're away from home. Just simply remove the bottom tray, wipe or wash and place back under the pen and its ready to go again!
DIMENSIONS : (L x W x H) : 35in x 24.4in x 24.4in WEIGHT: 18.3lbs

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