Puppy Maximum Duty Training Pads-33Pcs

Puppy Maximum Duty Training Pads-33Pcs

Dog House breaking Pads


*Maximum Duty Ultra Absorbent Polymer Technology & Dedign

*Advanced Moisture Absorbency & Odor Control Technologies

*Scientiflcally Tested pad infused scent attractant for puppies

*Leak Proof No Mess No Fuss Disposable Design


16.5" X 19.3" (41cmx49cm)-33 Pcs


Released a 100-sheet pad upgrade the ANYPET! Fast absorbency, odor removal, toilet training easier.
I contain feces induced puppies adapt more quickly.!!

● Description

100% pure pulp and absorbent poly t (SAM) with the use of highly absorbent pee jelly state
Coagulation by surface helps keep you clean and comfortable.
Vs dog's urine, belbeodeu clean pad is hygienic and can easily handle helps.
The pee out of the floor or carpet, because pollution does not leak.

Jelly clotting absorbed urine at this very moment, you can keep the surrounding environment clean.
Soft and comfortable to the touch, feel, and do not block the toilet to the toilet so you can see the dog
Is easy to train.
Portable, very convenient when you go out.
When used indoors, easy to replace only the pads in the toilet around.
Ballarat Bird into a household 100-sheet pad is practical and affordable.

● Use

Dog toilet training
Silnaegyeon for toilet

● Applies to: 10kg or less

● Materials

Lining: Non-woven, absorbent layer: polyester, waterproof membrane: Polyethylene

● Size: 16.5 "x19.3" (41cm * 49cm) - 33pcs 



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