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02 Dec Fun Ways To Exercise Your Dog’s Brain
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A lot of focus is put on keeping your dog physically healthy. Things like making sure they get regular checkups, keeping them up-to-date on vaccinations and helping them maintain an ideal body condition are common topics that your veterinarian will remind you about to help make sure your dog stays h..
02 Dec What Human Foods You Can & Can't Feed Your Dog
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We know how tempting it is to sneak your dog human food while they stare at you with those puppy eyes during dinner prep. But before you start sharing your favourite snacks with them, know that dogs have a different digestive system than humans. This means that some foods that are safe for people ca..
02 Dec Guide To Weight Loss For Dogs
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Dogs aren’t just pets; they are family members who bring us joy and companionship. To help ensure your pup lives a long, happy life alongside you, it’s important that they maintain a healthy weight. If you think your dog is a bit on the hefty side, don’t worry. Below we’ll explore the steps you can ..
02 Dec Indoor Exercise For Dogs
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Use these indoor dog exercise ideas from Alpha Dog Series to keep your dog entertained on any rainy day.  Whether it’s too hot, too cold or just plain yucky, there are certain times when outdoor exercise with your dog just doesn’t work out. Still, keeping dogs active for about a half hour each day i..
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