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About Us

In the 21st century, pet industry becomes a new promising business thanks to the progress of nuclear family and an information-oriented society and the change of life style. Due to such pet preference, the concern about pets is growing rapidly and customers' need for pets is diversified as well. With the strategy for the advance and differentiation of pet culture, we will be the first to satisfy customers most with continuous experiment spirit and efforts to dominate the pet industry as a leading player.

Under the philosophy customer impression through harmonious life between human beings and animals, we emphasize becoming one between men and animals and provide warm-hearted love to animals and the best goods and services to customers to create novel 'pet' culture and lead product distribution. As a leading company of ‘pet’ culture not just pursuing profits, we will ?research and develop goods from 'pet' culture of leading companies in the world, develop good products through exchange and cooperation with domestic pet lovers and relevant workers, and do our best as a medium delivering warm-hearted mind toward pets to the world.

Your pet dog is your family.